Serge Avedikian, the winner of Palme D’Or at Cannes Film Festival in 2010, is coming to Kiev.

The famous French actor and director Serge Avedikian will play a main part and act as a co-director for thefeature film “Paradjanov”.

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Serge Avedikian was born in Erevan in 1955. At the age of 15 he and his family moved to France. He studied at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Medona. In 1976 he organized a theatre company, and started his own production studio in 1988.

Serge Avedikian’s film BARKING ISLANDimpressed the viewers and the jury of the Cannes Film Festival with its extraordinary use of imagery to express the topic of genocide and received the Palm D’Or in 2010. As an Actor, Serge Avedikian achieved the European acknowledgement for his many roles in theater, cinema and television, including his work for many internationally famous directors.

The film “Paradjanov”, in which Serge will play the main part and act as a co-director, is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the infamous director Sergei Paradjanov. The anniversary will be celebrated by the world’s cinematographic community in 2014.

In producing the biopic drama “Paradjanov”, the creators of the future movie hope to give its due and well-timed respect to the distinguished director and person, who forever glorified Ukraine by created a brilliant film “The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. His artistic expression shocked the totalitarian soviet regime, but, surpassing years of imprisonment and being forbidden to work as a film director, Paradjanov managed survive due to his passion for beauty and cinema, and became the important part of the cinematographic history. The production of a film of such proportions will undoubtedly help in strengthening the Ukraine’s image in the world as a country which treasures its geniuses, inspiring and attracting interest to them and their art from the world’s cultural community.

The creative producer of the film will be the distinguished Ukrainian film director Roman Balayan. The film project “Paradjanov” was developed by Interfilm Production Studio in 2009-2010 as a part of European Production Program EAVE. The film’s producer and co-director Olena Fetisova presented the future project at the international co-production forums, where the project received great interest and very high praise from the professional filmmakers. This allowed this project to attach co-producers from France, Nederland, Georgia and Armenia.

The State Film Service of Ukraine expressed its wish to help in production and financing of the project – 50% of the film’s budget it planned to be provided in the course of 2011-2012 for the film production.

The French cultural Center, the European Production Program EAVE, the UIA airline and many supporters, who appreciate the work of brilliant Paradjanov, decided to become the partners of the project.

The press-conference with Serge Avedikian, the winner of Palm D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010, dedicated to the project “Paradjanov” will take place on the 22 of December at 11:30 at the information bureau UNIAN, located at: 4 Khreschatykst., conference hall.

Participants: Serge Avedikian, Roman Balayan, Olena Fetisova, the head of the state film Service Kateryna Kopylova, the attaché for the audiovisual cooperation of the French Embassy in Ukraine Emmanuelle Faucilhon.

For more information and accreditation, call +380 67 209 72 88 or email at info@interfilm.biz