“MCM Online” company announces the launch of the first part of MMORPG “Syndicates of Arkon” on 1 October.  “Syndicates Of Arkon: The Beginning” – is the first Ukrainian free massively multiplayer online role-playing game in cyber-punk style. The game world is the only one city of the future that is left after the catastrophe.  Players can communicate there, unite in syndicates, trade, fight and what is the most important – capture territories. The game is oriented towards the mainstream audience, primarily for the fans of PvP regime. “Syndicates of Arkon” has a number of features that distinguish the project among the majority of present-day MMOPRG games.

Unique SCI FI world. The technologically developed city of the future that consists of set of unique regions harmonically combines the elements of the modern world and cyber punk.

The gameplay basis – the large-scaled PvP fights (Player vs Player). The unions of players can capture and control the strategically important regions of the city thus influencing the arrangement of opposing forces and the further development of the game world. Especially the opportunity to capture the territory arouses huge interest among players.

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The client part graphics is based on the next-gen Unigine engine. This makes possible to have the unsurpassed quality and absolutely new level of graphics which is not available in other online-games. The unique technology of server geometry gives the opportunity to create the world with mobs that act independently and unpredictably which arouses excitement and other bright emotions among players.

Loyal to user free2play game model doesn’t force a player to invest money. The game makes it possible to level up the character without any additional expenses.

This is the first MMO of such class created in Ukraine with a team of local developers and with Ukrainian investments only.

Within a framework of the game the Referral program is functioning. Players can bring friends to the game and get bonuses for that.

Two stages of game testing during the year revealed great interest in the project among the auditory. The release version is improved according to the players’ wishes who took part in closed and open beta-testing. Aleksey Dovgodko, the project manager, is sure “Syndicates of Arkon” universe will find its fans: “It is known the devotee of MMORPG-genre are fed up with fantasy worlds and yearned for fresh ideas and cyber punk style. By launching this project we want to satisfy this hunger. We closely communicate with the game community and have a strong feedback from them. This allows us to add new features and opportunities into the game that will be interesting to the users.”

More information you can get on the website http://syndicatesofarkon.com,

by e-mail: pr@syndicatesofarkon.com,

by phone number : Sergey Chekalov - 095-436-50-87