6 February 2009 in UNIAN  to wege press-conference,  рarticipants: Andriy Denysenko, coordinator of non-profit organization “GRAD”,Volodymyr Panchenko, vice president of Association of National Producers of Ukraine,

Vitaliy Kupriy, coordinator of non-profit organization “GRAD”.

A non-government organization “GRAD” started an anti-crisis citizen campaign “Heading to 6.0!” with a slogan “Request a strong Hrivna” and will organize a meeting of protest near the Government and National Bank buildings on 13-th of February.

During the economic crisis the Ukrainian authorities openly act in interests of oligarchs-exporters and foreign creditors. In this situation the burden of crisis phenomena is put on citizens, most of all on a middle-income class, small and middle scale businesses, which are chosen as “a cow for milking”.

The artificially dropped exchange rate of Hrivna to USD became a main instrument for creating the social unfairness. Now the government and National Bank of Ukraine, which overdollarized the national economy and supported  its massive foreign currency dependency in the past, are indifferently watching on bankruptcies of thousands of companies and millions of citizens.

Based on the opinion of experts from the Association of Ukrainian Banks and Association of National Producers of Ukraine, “GRAD” developed simple and clear requests for the state authorities in order to stabilize the financial system and revive the economy:

1. Stabilize the exchange rate of Hrivna to USD at 6.0 level.

2. Guarantee the rights of borrower and depositors for:

· Transferring USD  loans into Grivna.

· Having their credit and deposit agreements unchanged without their consent.

· Prolongation of debt obligations at least on 1 year.

· Withdrawing bank deposits on clients requests.

3. Provide the economy revival.

· Provide affordable Hrivna credits for small and middle scale businesses.

· Substantially decrease taxes on people and businesses (VAT - to 5%, Income tax -to 5%, Payroll and Pension tax - to 20%).

· Increase taxes on luxury and “oligarchs” (Ex. Natural resources tax – from 1% to 7% from turnover). Introduce 1% Real estate tax for properties which are not used for producing good or services.

 “GRAD” welcomes supporters from any side of the Ukraine to unite ourselves near the key message of the campaign “Heading to 6.0!” in order to stabilize the state financial system.

  “GRAD” urges active people to support our meeting of protest or organize their own ones that eventually will force the authorities follow the interests of the Ukrainian citizens.


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