From data of the system of for passing 2006 in Ukraine volume of payments of communal and other accounts over the internet grew in 2.5 times and exceeded 65 million hrn. Principal reason is a trust of Ukrainians to safety of Internet payments. became the first company in Ukraine which passed an international audit on accordance to the standard  of safety of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Company indeed can be proud of the success it reached because company became the first in Ukraine which passed an audit on accordance the standard of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). An audit was conducted by Russian company “I.T. Co”. “I.T. Co” has status of SDP Approved Scanning Vendor (certification number 4067-01-01) and is partner of MasterCard in area of testing the safety of the systems of processing centers, working within the framework of the international pay systems of MasterCard and Visa.

PCI DSS is a standard of providing the safety of information, which in 2005 was accepted by the largest international payment systems of Visa and MasterCard. PCI DSS is a standard of protection the information in industry of pay cards and it contains the list of requirements. All the credit-financial organizations, processing centers and any companies using information of plastic cards, must follow these requirements. To date a standard is the single world standard of providing the safety of information about the owner of credit cards and it is supported also by American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club and JCB.

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“We do not consider passing of this audit as final goal. It is only confirmation of professional approach of our company to the questions of safety of Internet payments. Our clients must feel that their information is reliably protected, that is why our specialists work for perfection of safety the system all the time.”- Gorin Igor President of comments this event.

“With a company we work more than 4 years already, - the chief of center of development the services in "Rayffayzenbank Aval" A. Denisyuk reports.  - In times of our collaboration they showed themselves as real professionals and reliable partners which give high-quality service. Passing of audit to accordance the standard of PCI DSS confirms once again the high standards of safety using by company”.

Now company in accordance with world standards can guarantee high reliability and safety of the services, both for partners and for the users of System To do payments in the Internet it is not only fast and comfortable method of payment but now reliable.

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Electronic System of delivery and payment the accounts  gives services of delivery and pay the accounts for different goods and services  by Internet using international pay cards of Visa and MasterCard.  On results 2006 the turn of company grew more than in two times as compared to 2005 and made 65 million hryvnas. provides service of electronic reception of payments for 126 companies.

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