In Moscow on December, 5, demonstration in support of Viktor Yushchenko and agaisnt Russia’s interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs, was held. Nearly 200 people with orange symbols were piqueting the house of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for an hour and a half. Representatives of Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Crimean-tatar and Georgian diasporas from Moscow and Tula, and also Kyivites carried above their heads the state flags of Ukraine, Byelorussia, Russia, Georgia, flags of Crimean tatarian and Ukrainian national organizations, posters with slogans ‘Yes!Yushchenko!’, ‘Hands off from Ukraine’, ‘Democracy – yes, separatism – no!’, ‘Russians are together with Ukrainian people’. The demonstration was peaceful, people shouted ‘Yushchenko’, ‘Kuchma, get out’, ‘Glory to Ukraine’, `We are together many, you will not suppress us`, `Shame to Putin`, `Shame to Luzhkov`, demonstrators sang Ukrainian songs. Representatives of Moscow militia worn in the uniform and in civil form, road patrol observed the action. On the exit from pedestrian subway near the house of MFA, militia men checked documents of nearly all passer-byes, in front of the demonstrators. Before the official ending of the action, law enforcement officials began hurry up demonstrators not really politely. Having sang Ukraine’s anthem, demonstrators peacefully went away. In spite of the fact that demonstration was shot by ‘NTV’ and ‘Myr’ TV channels, by this time official Russian TV channels gave no information on this event. Demonstration was organized by Organization of Ukrainians in Moscow and Alliance of Right Forces. This is the second demonstration, held by Ukrainians in Russia in support of Viktor Yushchenko, Virtual agency of news, reports. Internews-Ukraine

Virtual agency of news. Internews-Ukraine