Vladimir Putin, President of Russian Federation, once again confirmed that Russia would cooperate with any elected leader of Ukraine. `I said many times from the very beginning and in the period of election campaign that we would cooperate with any elected leader`, stated Putin before Russian journalists in Ankara.

He also mentioned, `Certainly, we work most closely with current authorities, we are doing it openly`. `We are acting absolutely correctly on the whole post-soviet space. We do not do anything behind the curtains, nothing destructive`, Putin emphasized. He also mentioned that Russia ‘may play a role of mediator, but will not intrude.’ `This is the point we shall come from`, said President. He added that `we are worried not by the events in Ukraine`. `I explain what arouses most anxiety`, Putin said. In his opinion, an attempt to manipulate with democratic values arouses most anxiety in Russia. `Democracy is an absolute value in the contemporary world. This is a complicated mechanism, it includes adopting democratic laws and their execution. Democracy does not exist without this component`, President of Russia mentioned.

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