Participants of NGO`s Forum `Ukraine:unity of civic society` which will be held on December 6 in Kharkiv defined the constractive cooperation of NGOs working in different social life areas, having different political prioryties in order to carry on effective dialogue with different government branchers as their strategical task. This is mentioned in draft resolution which might be approved on the Forum.
Representatives of NGOs think that it is worthwhile to conclude the Civic Treaty on mutual understanding and partnership among NGOs and government institutions for democratization Ukrainian society. Creation of Civic Boards that involve to social dialogue all administrative institutions - from the Cabininet of Ministers to local authorities- could be the one form of agreement realization

NGOs` representatives are sure that taking into consideration current situation they should continue their professional work aimed at dissemination of information about election process, observation and control of government institutions activity and attraction attention of Ukrainian and foreign public to the process of democratization in Ukraine

Noviy Vybir (New Choice) 2004