Yushchenko`s party promises to block the Kushma`s residence if he does not resign the government, does not submit new candidates to the Central Election Commission, and does not sign the alterations to the Law `About the Election of the President of Ukraine`.

It was declared by the national deputy Taras Stezkyv on the Independence Square in Kyiv today.

He stated that understanding own falure with promotion of Yanukovych Kushma and Medvedchuk decided to turn Vyktor Yushchenko to `the English Queen`. The deputy said the opposition would not allow to do it. He stressed that `Nasha Ukraina` was not going to vote for the constitutional reform until their requirements are realized which are declared.

Stezkyv said that the alterations to the Constitution would be supported by `Nasha Ukraina` only if they would be given effect in two years when Yushchenko would manage to raise economic level, to increase salaries and pensions.

The deputy informed that the deputies of `Nasha UKraina` will finish soon to collect the signatures of the national deputies for convoking the out of turn session of the parliament on the 6-th of December on Monday for the purpose of passing alterations to the Law `About the Election of the President of Ukraine` which afford to neutralize the falsifications.

Stezkyv informed that the meeting of the National Rescue Committee is being held in the evening. After it the people on the Independence Square will be informed about the next activities.