December the referendum in preshedule ceasing the plenary powers of the city head Vladymyr Omelchenko is going to be held.

This fact was declared by the deputy of the regional council from Sumy Sergej Bratushka. This decree was passed at the regional council`s out of turn session of the 4-th convocation on the 4-th of December.

He stressed that this decree was the result of improper fiulfiling authorities by the city head Volodymyr Omelchenko that recorded in the Law of Ukraine `About the Local Self-Government in Ukraine`. Moreover, it is the result of improper providing by the city head for constitutional rights and freedoms of the territorial community and observation of the election laws at the presidential elections on the 31-st of November and 21-st of November.

Sergej Bratushka stated that the inhabitants of Sumy are exasperated by the activities of the regional state administration`s head Vladymyr Sherban that declared at the meetin gin Siversko-Donezk that the people in Sumy region supported the separatism trends of some leaders.