Victor Yanukovich representatives will recall their complaint on breaking the law at the presidential elections in the regions where Victor Yuschenko won. Representative of V. Yanukovich Stepan Gavrysh said about it to ITAR-TASS.
Accordinf to S.Gavrysh after the SC resolution this complaint `loses any values`.
As known V. Yanukovich announced by CVC as the winner of presidential elections in Ukraine on November 24 appealed against voting results on November 21 in the western and central regions and asked Supreme Court to oblige CVC to recount resuls again.

Due to Supreme Court of Ukraine verdict the revoting of the second tour of the President of Ukraine elections will be carried out December 26. SC has accepted that CVC activities were not legitimate and obliged CVC to reconduct second tour of presidential elections. The supreme Court resolution is final and not to be appealed