SDPU(u) called on the world community to stress that people`s anxiety is brutally used by supporters of Victor Ushenko - performing illegal actions against governmentals agencies and authorities against citizens having other political tastes.

SDPU(u) calls itself a `democratic opposition` and says that Ushenko`s team команда neglects basic principles of the Constution of Ukraine and priorirties of international law on human rights.

Members of the SDPU (u) claim that Ushenko`s supporters in Lvivska oblast and some other oblasts in Western regions violate Articles 21, 24, 36, 68 of the Constitution of Ukraine. Ushenko`s supporters began to prosecute their opponents who are the members of the SDPU(u). `Black lists` are created to mark the people who voted for Yanukovych or are guilty in subskribing the newspape4r of the SDPU (u).

SDPU(u) calls on the United Europe refrain from making one-sided marks double standarts.

Political department of the SDPU (u)