45% of Ukrainians support protest actions of the opposition. This is shown by the survey conducted by Ukrainian Center of the Economic and Social research of Razumkov (UCER).
As UNIAN was informed, while answering the question ‘How do you feel about protest actions conducted by the opposition now,’ 45% of respondents said ‘I support’, 40% said ‘I denounce them’, 10% ‘I don’t care’. 5% could not give the answer.
The highest support rate of the protest actions is in the West (86%) and in the center (60%). The most negatively the protests are perceived in the East (67%) and in the South of Ukraine (62%).
The research was conducted by the sociological service of the Razumkov Center between 25 and 29 November, 2004. 2013 respondents above 18 years old have been quetionned in all regions of Ukraine. The error does not exceed 2,3% without the design-effect.