Victor Yushchenko is confident that the separatist moves in regions are the only means for the power structures to avoid responsibility for the falsification of the elections. He has claimed this to a rally at the central square of Kyiv, Maydan Nezalezhnosti, according to Yushchenko`s press-service. He has drawn the attention to the fact that the summons to the autonomy or break-up `are the loudest in those regions which faced the most blatant falsification`. According to V.Yushchenko, `today criminals are playing their last game - they are trying to disrupt the sovereignty of Ukraine`. `But if the nation stands united, it will be invincible`, he said. Victor Yushchenko has turned to inhabitants of the eastern regions. He has said that he respects the right of every region to choose local power structures, and promised that in future the governors will not be appointed from Kyiv, but will be elected by local residents.