`Our Ukraine` bloc leader Viktor Yushchenko states the opposition will not participate in negotiations concerning the new election. While speaking in the Indepencence square, he also said: ‘If in the next few days after the Supreme Court decision the day of the new voting of the second tour if not defined, we will start the appropriate actions concerning this power’. ‘Every person, every politician who will be talking about new elections today will lead to the failure, remember that,’ Yushchenko said. He highlighter that Ukraine is standing next to the deep ecomomic crisis and ‘the only thing to save the nation and the state is conscious political decision about new voting of the second tour’. ‘This is the compromise which will calm down the nation including those who represent the Verkhovna Rada and different political parties in the regions,’ the opposition leader said.
‘I promise we will not participate in any negotiations about new elections in Ukraine. We will take appropriate steps’, Yushchenko promised.