The leader of the fraction of the Socialist Party of Ukraine said that The Conciliatory Council of fraction and deputy group leaders did not manage to sign the agreement about solution of the political crisis today.

He explained that this agreement should contain the issues about the alterations to the Law `About the Election of the President of Ukraine` and the constitutional reform. The expert group and the constitutional commission did not pass the decree. That`s why it was nonsencial to examine the project of such sign today.

He informed that tomorrow at 12 o`clock the temporary special commission in constitutional alterations will examine such a project of constitutional alterations that is able to get 300 votes. If it is impossible, only the law project dedicated to the peculiarities of revoting the second tour will be examined.

The member of the fraction `Nasha Ukraina` Petro Poroshenko stated that today theonly place where any agreement were worked out was the expert group. Moreover, he admited that today`s meeting demonstrates that the state power does not want to solve the political and ecenomical crisis in the country.