Yesterday on the 1-st of December the records were brought out from the administrative building where the regional state administration and the city state committee are placed. It is possible that these records are connected with the presidential elections of the 21-st of November. This information was got knowm by the regional department of the Ukrainian Folk Party.

The witness of this situation said that officials had brought out the records.

On the contrary to the occasion in Bankova Street in Kyiv now it is difficult to define what records were brought out in Sumy. But because of a great deal of them a lot of questions arises. It is especially interested who ordered to bring records out; and who will be responsible for it respectively taking into considaration such a fact that the head of the regional state administration Volodymyr Shcherban is somewhere near Kyiv; where the head of the regional council Mark Befmann and the city mayor Vladymyr Omelchenko nobody knows. Vladymyr Omelchenko did not appeare at the out of turn session of the regional council where he was invited by the majority of the deputies. At this session the deputies passed a decree to accept Vyktor Yushchenko as the legally elected President of Ukraine.

Press-service of the regional department of the Ukrainian Folk Party