The opposition would like to make alterations to the Constitution and the Law `About the Election of the President of Ukraine` in Verkhovna Rada till tomorrow evening. As the correspondent of UNIAN informed, it was stated by one of the leaders of the coalition `Syla narodu` Yulyj Tymoshenko at the press-conference in Kyiv. `We are planning to finish all negotiations in one or two days`, she said.

Tymoshenko stated that two groups are working in the parliament at the moment to compose these records as quickly as possible. The opposition will not allow to protract the process.

Tymoshenko said that the alterations to the Law `About the Election of the President of Ukraine` which are being discussed in the parliament provide for the revoting of the second tour.

As for the alterations to the Constitution they should be confirmed under the essential condition of giving effect to them after the 1-st of January 2006 when the parliamentary election will happen.