Political crisis in Ukraine shouldn’t turn into `East-West battle`, Yaap de Khoop Skheffer, NATO Secretary-General says, as UNIAN reports.
`Democratic future and territorial integrity of Ukraine are very important for NATO`, he told in his speech in Rome on Wednesday, ‘Reuters’ informs.
`The situation that has place after the elections cannot be called ‘East-West battle’. It is the pattern of democracy and respect to people’s will`, Skheffer added.
Yaap de Khoop Skheffer called Ukrainian citizens to let judicial organs ‘do their job’, meaning Supreme Court.
`As for NATO, we consider that in Ukraine such elections should be organized that everything would be determined by people’s will. Second, conflict resolution, whatever it will be, shouldn’t bring violence`, said Skheffer to jounalists.
`Third, it is necessary that situation were under the control of law structures… And, finally, territorial integrity of Ukraine has to be kept`, he added.