Vatslav Klaus, President of Czech Republic, supposes that votum of distrust to Yanukovych`s government can have irreversible consequences for Ukraine. He expressed this opinion in the course of his work travel to Brno (south of Czechia) on Wendsday, RIA `Novosti` reports. Klaus considers that Verkhovna Rada`s resolution on distrust to Yanukovych`s government can affect stability in the country. According to his words, there will be neither President, no government as a result. `I am afraid less steps leading to irreversible consequences promoted`, said Klaus. President of Czech Republic called Ukrainian politicians to avoid such drastic sharp decision.
Klaus also expressed his support to the idea of repeating of elections` second round in Ukraine. In his opinion, tragic experience of Yugoslavia`s disintegration `Ukraine should have on mind`. Klaus explained that he always had told Yugoslavian politicians that they lead negotiations not long enough. `One can not close the door loudly and say that we can`t come to an agreement`, President emphasized.
As it was reported, Verkhovna Rada cancelled its decision on support of the program of Cabinet of Ministers` activity - `Consistency. Effeciency. Responsibility`, from March 16, 2004. Parliament in accordance of article 87 and part 4 of article 115 of Constitution of Ukraine expressed its distrust to Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which resulted in its resignation.
VR offered President with Speaker`s participation, to form personnel of Government - government of people`s trust - before a new President takes his position, with consideration of Parliament`s factions` and groups` suggestions. 229 PM voted for this decision (241 were registered).