Yevhen Kushanriov, Charkiv governor previously visited `tent towns` on Freedom Square - `orange`, `green`, and `white-and-blue`. Governor informed Yushchenko`s supporters on his position on creation of South-Eastern autonomy and said that he standed for `united and undivided Ukraine`. Besides, he presented `the burning-yellow` with radioset, sweets and his book `100 steps across Charkiv land`, also asked to clean the territory and promised to talk over with mayor the creation of more comfortable conditions for living in the `town`. The second camp was `green` - here governor supported an idea of `peaceful tents`, who took their place between two opponents. By the way, there is already a new year tree, decorated with the stripes of four colours, near the camp of `the green`. The third camp governor visited was `white-and-blue`. there Kushnariov said that he backed their citizen`s position. Although he stated that from then on he didn`t support any of the candidates for President`s position and standed for holding second elections and acceptance of political reform. `I am deeply convinced that neither Viktor Yushchenko nor Viktor Yanukovych will be able to rule all the people of Ukraine, resting on the support of half of the people. `Zero variant` and taking political reform are necessary, at least in the way it passed Constitutional Court`s examination. But, the odds are that a new parliament, which by the way can be elected earlier of the term, will deal that business`, said Kushnariov.
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