The vice-head of Werhovna Rada, the leader of Vyktor Yushchenko`s election company Oleksandr Zynchenko stated that `Nasha Ukraina` left the negotiation process and recommenced the government blocking.

He thinks that power tried to lull the vigilance of Yushchenko`s adherents. The opposition can`t afford to use people as the way of pressing. Moreover, it can`t afford to turn the people into the silent masses.

Zinchenko stated that deputies dependent on state power were put under horrible press. The bribary was mentioned again in this context.

The project of the decree `About stabilization of social, economical, political situation in Ukraine and prevention of anticonstitutional separate activities that threatens sovereignty and territorial unity of the state` was passed by 231 deputies. Moreover, the project of the decree contains regulations about interruption of paragraphs of the Werhovna Rada`s decree `About political crisis in tha state that was caused by the presidential elections` that was passed on the 27-th of November. These paragraphs comprise regulations about accepting presidential elections as elections that do not correspond to the democratic standards and about no confidence to the Central Election Commission. This project of the decree on the contrary to the project prepared by the parliamentary work group does not contain paragraphs about resignation of the Cabinet, General Public Prosecutor and calling to account heads of some regional state administrations that supported separatism.

Making this resolve was critically met by the deputies of `Nasha Ukraina` and BYT. They asked for the consultation break.