The head of the National Rescue Committee Vyktor Yushchenko states that it is impossable to discuss the regulation of political crisis with Vyktor Yanukovych. He rejects Yanukovych`s proposal to carry out the political reform according to which Yanukovych should be the President; Yushchenko should be the Prime-Minister with great authorities. Yushchenko said it to journalists commenting Yanukovych`s statement that he did at the press-conference on Tuesday. `I would like to pay attention at one principel moment. Presidential elections have been falsificated. Until this problem is not trackled, all other affairs are premature`. Yushchenko said that people near Werhovna Rada are waiting for the concrete position and decree. They are not interested in the post assignment. They are just interested if there is the political elite in the country that is able to guarantee free fair presidential elections. Yushchenko commented the activities of the state power. he thinks that it does its best in order to drag out the time. Draging out the time is planned by the power in order to exhaust the people. It hopes that the number of people will decrease every day. But their expectations are futile and unsuccessful.

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