Ukrainian private TV channel ICTV disproves the information spead by the media that editor-in-chief Dmytro Kyselyov had been deposed from news management. Candidate Media Center informs about that. ‘Today Dmytro Kyselyov is our only leader of the news management of the channel. Deputy editor-in-chief Olexandr Semyryadchenko according to his professional duties, deals with the news on the channel, but he has been doing it for 2 years, not starting from today’, the statement of the channel, signed by the leader of ICTV Olexandr Bogutskiy says. ‘ICTV television company regards information about dismissal of Mr.Kyselyov as lies and attempt to pressure journalists. We believe publicizing such facts violates standards of unbiased journalism. We confirm transparency of ICTV in communication with other media’, written in the statement.

Candidate Media Center