About 5 thousands of Viktor Yushchenko’s supporters are having their protest action near the Vinnytsya Region Administration. They have surrounded the building.

As UNIAN informs, 3,5 thousands of protesters are standing near the entrance of the building holding national and orange flags and chanting ‘Yushchenko!’, ‘Shame on Kaletnyk!,’ ‘We are together, there are a lot of us, we can’t be defeated’. The other 1,5 thousand have surrounded the building with the live chain and tied an orange ribbon around the building. The participants of the event are singing the national anthem of Ukraine.

The entrance to the house is blocked by 50 anonymous people who refuse to say whose representatives they are and do not let anyone into the building. About 50 members of the ‘Berkut’ special forces are staying inside the building.

A special session of Vinnytsya Region council is taking place inside of the building and it is being retransmitted outside. The deputies are discussing the quetion of stabilization of political situation after the presidential elections in Ukraine. Between 70 and 97 deputies take part in the session.