Prime-Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych states he cannot fullfill his duties because the building of the Cabinet of Ministers is blocked. ‘As a head of the government, I am illegally dismissed from the process of ruling the government. They have blocked the building of the Cabinet of Ministers, they are humiliating and offending people who are trying to get to work,’ Yanukovych said that during the meeting of the Heads of Region state Administrations with President Kuchma. The President himself was absent during the speech of Yanukovych. He also said the road he was following had been blocked on his way. Yanukovych said he had taken his family away from Kyiv but himself he will stay in the capital till the end. Speaking of his government to be resigned, he said, ‘let the decision be made, I want the issue to be officially considered then I’ll see what the President will deside. And then my answers will appear’.