The leader of the Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk during an interview with journalists announced; that plans which were designed to divide Ukraine into three parts are at present being put into action. In order to work its way out of the crisis which has developed at present in Ukraine, Kravchuk has suggested to the Supreme Council of Ukraine to abstain from any political decisions. He said that he felt that all decisions should be left to the Supreme Court. He stated that `we are awaiting a decision by the court, and will accept this as a foundation, upon which later can be carried over to a legislative basis. Afterwards, in the Supreme Council we can vote for this decision piece by piece, and for legislation concerning the presidential elections of Ukraine. According to Kravchuk, all of the legislative changes which the opposition has proposed should be included in a package, together with legislation concerning political reform in Ukraine. Kravchuk believes that officially, Yanukovich won the election, and that there are no other official documents at the present, apart from the one adopted by the Central Election Committee. Kravchuk also stated that he doesn`t favour either of the two sides, and that no matter who ends up in the president`s chair, it won`t be legitimate, due to the fact that different members of the international community recognize either one or the other candidate. Another way out of this crisis, according to Kravchuk, could be a revolution in `Lenin`s style`.

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