People’s deputy Olexandr Chornovolenko believes the statement of the National Security and Defence Council does not make any sense because it shows this structure is frustrated and does not know what to do, so one can say that basically there’s no executive power in Ukraine now. Press service of the National Rukh of Ukraine informs about this. There is National Salvation Committee and Verkhovna Rada, which proved to be capable of working, there is people, the only source of power, which is currently showing who is actual ruler of Ukraine. Everything should be done to make the power not violate the laws, but unfortunately they continuously do it.

While giving comments on inertia of Prosecutor General Gennadiy Vasylyev, who has basically put aside what is going on in the East of the state, Mr.Chornovolenko stated that Prosecutor General belongs to the same team the Prime-Minister does. ‘He should have stopped the statements of the leaders of Eastern regions much earlier. Mr.Vasylyev had been also involved in the forgery of election results, this is the team of Yanukovych. Why didn’t he react when tonns of agitation materials against Yushchenko have been found? He was instituting criminal proceedings against those people who were fighting against falsifications, and he was covering this crime’.

In order to make falsifications during the third tour of elections impossible, people’s deputy said that one could not make a law to help totally avoid them. Certain morality should be present within the society.

‘The people has taken power into its hands, this Ukrainian revolution will lead the society ahead. One can hope there will be no falsifications during the election. So we will see Viktor Yushchenko winner of the election being a lot ahead’, Chornovolenko believes.

Press service of the National Rukh of Ukraine