While in Siverodonetsk, Lugansk region, Congress of People’s Deputies and Deputies of Local Councils of all levels is taking place, town-dwellers are going to Kyiv and putting their tents to express their support to Viktor Yushchenko. UNIAN was informed about that in the Natonal Political Strike Committee press-center.

Six tents of people from Lugansk and one tent from Siverodonetsk have been put in the Independence square and Khreshyatyk today. Students, businessmen, journalists and engineers are among supporters today.

According to protesters who have been the first to come to Kyiv, ‘there are a lot of healthy, pragmatic people in Lugansk, who understand the real context of what is going on in Ukraine, support the National Salvation Committee and categorically deny the possibility of separation of Ukraine’
They have also informed the journalists that people of Lugansk are deprived of possibility to conduct the meeting of express any kind of support to Viktor Yushchenko in their region, because local powers do not let them to.