Constitution and Democracy Defence Committee, created in Odessa in order to support the initiatives of the National Salvation Committee, is organizing a tent town on the Dumska Square in order to support Viktor Yushchenko. UNIAN informs about this.

According to the committee, meetings are taking place every day on the Dumska square. About 5 thousands of people participate in them. The participants are planning the walk in the city for november, 30th.

Constitution and Democracy Defence Committee is calling on people of Odessa to ‘stand up for their Fatherland and multi-national city of Odessa’. ‘Only our active civic position can save Odessa, our relatives and friends from the authorities and distortion of our election reghts,’ the committee states.
Short meetings in support for Yanukovych are taking place in Odessa as well. As Constitution and Democracy Defence Committee informs, people are coming there according with the lists. Government officials are those who attend them.