Victor Yuschenko’s team gives the authorities one – at the most two days – said on the `Era` TV channel Oleksandr Zinchenko, informs `Ukrainska pravda`.

This crisis condition cannot last long. That’s why the most important negotiation issue will be the efforts to minimize their time constraints – Zinchenko said.
`If a train is not moving – there is no point in waiting for it` – he said

He explained that opposition had no right to refuse that in order to solve a number of issues by negotiations.

O.Zinchenko knows that people demand `resolute actions` and promises that the oppositions will `energetically fight for the rights of Ukraine’s citizens`

Parliament Vice Speaker expresses his confidence in the fact that the opposition has the `truth and mass people’s support` on its side. And he stressed that `people have shown that they will not allow the authorities executing pressue`.

As it is known `Nasha Ukraina` requests repeated voting of the second round of the elections on December 12 or 19.