`Unity of Ukraine is one of the most important common property of Ukrainian people. And a politician who dares to infringe on the holy – on the dignity of Ukraine is doomed to a failure.` – were the comments by the Parliament Vice Speaker Oleksandr Zinchenko to declarations of some politicians from Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine to create an autonomy on the territory of their regions.
As UNIAN is informed by the press service of Viktor Yuschenko Central Election Headquarters, O.Zinchenko believes that criminal proceedings should be instituted against the people who declares such slogans. `Such actions bear all attributes of infringing upon the Constitutuion and State Sovereignity` – he stressed.
The Parliament Vice Speaker reminded the politicians who bear such plans of the consequences of such processes. `Remember what it had brought about on the Caucasus and other regions`. `And separatist ideas in present conditions is doomed to a failure` – O.Zinchenko said and advised politicians `not to export scenaria of such threating phenomena to the regions`
`People will become neither richer or happier due to such things` – the Vice Speaker is sure.