The European Union supported the idea of conducting in Ukraine repeated elections. This was said by Bernard Bot, Netherland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, whose country is now at the head in the Europeran Union – informs the Public Radio (`Hromadske Radio`).
From the poin of view of the European Union, now this is the only possibility to solve the critical issues which arose in connection with the Presidential elections – said Mr. Bot. On Saturday the Minister of Foreign Affairs had a meeting with his special representative Nieck Biegman, who had just came back from Ukraine where he had met representatives of all the conflict parties and had insisted on peaceful crisis regulation.
It is very important for people in Ukraine to have, in the first place, honest results of vote – summarized Mr. Biegman his immpressions from his visit of Kyiv. Next week the Netherlands representative plans to visit Ukraine once againe.
Source: Public Radio (`Hromadske Radio`)