Kharkiv Municipal Council expressed its protest against the idea of forming an autonomy. At the extra-ordinary session the deputies agreed that the Kharkiv Regional Council’s decision on transfference of executive powers in the region to the special founded Executive Committee is unconsitutional and will not be executed on the territory of the city of Kharkiv. According to the Public Radio (`Hromadske Radio`), the Attorny for Prosecution in Kharkiv region instituted his protest against the decision of the Kharkiv Regional Council. At the same time some thirty thousands people supported Victor Yuschenko in the meeting in Kharkiv. Participants of the meeting condemned the decision of the regional authorities to form a regional automony. Evhen Kushnaryov, Kharkiv’s Govenor, declared that in Kharkiv region there will be Kharkiv authorities only, and that the region terminates its payments to the central budget.