In town of Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast, TV cable signal switches off as the news programms start, so it looks like TV set doesn`t function. It happens with all TV channels, including `Inter`. There is no Channel 5 in town. Information from `Telekrytyka`.
Earlier before, only Channel 5 had the broadcasting problems in Eastern region of Ukraine.
However, a group of journalists from the `Fist National Channel` went on strike demanding from their officials not to influence the news contents. On November 25 journalists succeeded in receiving permission from their direction to prepare unbiassed news at 21:00. The journalists and presenters from channel `1+1` also went on strike. Their main demand was to stop censorship of the news. Hence, these nationwide media have reached certain balance in news production. The audience received the opportunity to see and hear voices for Viktor Yanukovych and for Viktor Yushchenko. Earlier the opposition stated concerning unequal access to the media.