November 25th in Mukachevo there was held the political mass-meeting in support of the national president Viktor Yushchenko in which about 2000 students took part. Right after that the political persecution against them had started as the press-cutting service of the Committee of the national rescue in the Zakarpatsky region put it. The head of the Mukachevo municipal government of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Internal Affairs in Zakarpatskaya oblast Vasiliy Shveda addressed a letter to all the heads of the educational instituions of the city with the request: `owing to the official necessity I ask you to provide me with the list of students of your educational institution who were absent on November 25th 2004`.
Those actions were done against the statement of the minister of education and science of Ukraine Vasiliy Kremin who said that `the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine announces that any persecution of the students in connection of their participation in the social or political moves which is done in compliance with Constitution and Ukrainian laws is unaccaptable`.
New Choice-2004