Viktor Yushchenko is sure that his opponent, the prime-minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, `does not listen to his own people` and tries to put away the solving of political crisis in Ukraine, although the Ukrainian nation will not let him do it. This was said during Yushchenko`s speach on Maidan Nezalezhnosti which he made right after multilateral negotiations with representatives from the government with the help of some foreign political leaders.
`Yanukovych suggested the following: I should withdraw people from Maidan, we will all wait for the judges` decision about our complaints (and we have eleven thousands of them) and then we will finish this all up. But we will be reviewing all these complaints untill spring, said Yushchenko while commenting these negotiations.
He called this term `unacceptable` and said that it just means that the prime-minister cannot hear his own people and their civic position. According to the words of the nation`s leader these suggestions only `put Ukraine away from the settlement of the political crisis`.
From his side, Yushchenko expressed his requirements and gave a notice that the Ukrainian nation will not wait for more than two days for the government to approve those requests.
Yushchenko also said that during the round table he invited the prime-minister to make a speach on Maidan Nezalezhnosti and honestly and openly tell people about his position according to the elections. `I wanted the side of Yanukovych to hear the following: the main problem that led us towards the forming of political and civilian crisis in Ukraine is massive falsification during the elections of November 21st, said Yushchenko.
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