Today Hryhory Yavlinsky, leader of Russian party `Yabluko`, appealed to Russian journalists. In his speech he called `don’t disgrace Russia!`
In his appeal it is said, that anyone who wants to see how Russian state TV channels lie, can do this when comparing their information on events in Ukraine with the information that comes from the very Ukraine. `This lies is obvious for everyone. Especially it is obvious for Ukraine, where it is well known what is going on. Contempt for Russian Mass Media because of its lies will stay with people for many years`, stated Yavlinsky.
Being more precise, `Yabluko` leader stressed, that situation in Ukraine showed that Russian Mass Media are slaves who envy someone’s else freedom and that is why they lie and exercise authority’s orders. Yavlinsky called all journalists, who have professional conscience and `a head on their shoulders`, to stop lies and manipulations with social conscience and join movement `We do not lie` and not to shame Russia.