Nearly 50 students from the Institute of Jounalistics hold an action `We believe that you want to tell the truth`. Lesya Yaroshenko, an organizer of action reported. The aim of the action was to support journalists who yesterday made a first step towards providing with truthful, unbiased news. Maksym Ravreba, `Inter` announcer and Ilarion Pavliuk, a journalist, communicated with the students. They informed that yesterday they had a talk with Vlad Riashyn, `Inter` chief producer. At the moment, there is no unanimity in journalists’s staff, Ravreba mentioned, but he is sure that `professional journalists work on Inter`. Journalists of the Channel refused commenting on the problem of political pressure. Answering the question, `Will ‘Inter’ continue issuing truthful news`, they replied, `Turn on and watch ‘Inter’`. Journalist Pavliuk mentioned that he himself attends demonstrations on Maidan Nezalezhnosti for several days.
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