Skirmish between militia men and picketers of city council ocurred in Chernihiv. Several people with different injuries got into the hospital. Rally near Chernigiv city council lasted since 9 o’clock, when special session of city council started. Nearly at 11 o’clock a skirmish between militia men, who were watching the events, and picketers ocurred. The reason is allegedly militia’s resistance against people’s attempts to come into the council building. According to the words of Valentyna Fedorivna Pysarenko, one of victims, she was knocked off her feet, then kicked with feet. Then militia used tear-gas. Witnesses say that militia forces shooted with their guns, possibly, with gas. There are victims who suffered from these actions, a man with traumas of head and a person with trauma of nose, he says that he was shoot into face with something. Witnesses report that there was much blood on the square after the skirmish. The victims were taken away by emergency cars. Driver of one of these cars told that six victims with different injures were hospitalized.