Press-service of URP `Sobor` reports with refering to the source from Yanukovych’s HQ that inauguration of Yanukovych is being prepared for tomorrow.

For provision of this procedure now, despite the Supreme Court’s decision, the edition of newspaper `Uriadovyi Courier` with CEC’s decision is being published. At the same time, the house of Verkhovna Rada was taken under intensified guarding by squadrons of special purpose.

According to Yanukovych’s HQ, press-service of URP `Sobor` mentioned, if speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn denies to call `solemn session`, first vice-speaker Adam Martyniuk will do this and change of V.Lytvyn for S.Havrysh will be the first issue of agenda, Havrysh has to hold the very procedure of inauguration.