On November, 25, Parliament of Georgia unanimously passed a statement, in which prevised Ukrainian authorities from use of power and expressed hope that struggle of Ukrainian people for democracy will end in peaceful victory, as UNIAN reports.

Nino Burdzhanadze, Parliament speaker, said that she hoped for peaceful resolution of the situation in Ukraine.

In the statement of Georgian Parliament, it is said that the highest legislative organ of the country `joins principal and objective position of OSCE, EU, most democratic and free states, where there is a negative estimation of presidential elections in Ukraine, in the course of which there were mass violations and falsifications`.

`We strongly object against possible violent intrusion into democratic processes in Ukraine from the sides of other states, and we still hope that agressive statements will not come out within Russian Parliament`, is emphasized in the document.

Parliament of Georgia appealed to Ukrainian authority with request `to exclude use of force against its own people and people’s democratic demands`.