`Uriadovyi Courier` publishes CEC decision, despite Supreme Court’s resolution, Hromadske Radio reports. Press-service of Yushchenko’s Central HQ informs on this. Katerynchuk alleged that it is being done under the pressure of government’s members, Dmytro Tabachnyk and Anatoly Tolstouchov. On Katerynchuk’s opinion, non-execution of Supreme Court’s decision is a crime. According to this information, `Press of Ukraine` is busy with publishing.

There are no comments from Tabachnyk, Tolstoukhov or other government members on Katerynchuk’s statement.

Today the Supreme Court of Ukraine prohibited CEC to officially publicize the results of the elections of the President of Ukraine. Liana Shliaposhnykova, head of press-service of SCU, informed UNIAN. She reminded that today, November 25, Supreme Court of Ukraine accepted Katerynchuk’s complaint on CEC’s resolution on proclaiming Yanukovych as a President of Ukraine and Court began preparation for its consideration. Katerynchuk is a person empowered to act for Yushchenko in one national electoral area. According to Shliaposhnykova’s words, the consideration of the case is appointed for 11.00 o’clock on November, 29. The case will be considered with all staff of Court Chamber on Civil Cases of Supreme Court. Besides, SCU passed a decision to prohibit CEC to officially make public the results of the elections and make any actions connected with exercising CEC resolution.