Vladimir Putin, President of Russia stated, that all the problems which are connected with the electoral situation in Ukraine, have to be solved in accordance with Constitution of this country. `All the problems, connected with electoral situation in Ukraine, have to be solved definitely in the frames of the Constitution, according to the law`, told Putin on the press-conference on the results of summit Russian Federation-European Union in the Hague on Thursday.
`All the claims have to go into the court`, President of Russia said. Putin called international community not to push Ukraine to mass disorders. `I am deeply convinced that we do not have a moral right to push a big European state to mass disorders`, said Putin when commenting situation in Ukraine. `We must not put into practice of international life ways of resolution the disputes of such kind through disorders on the streets. We have to learn ourselves that such disputes have to be solved by constitutional way`, stressed Putin. He added that Russia does not consider itself to have a right to intrude into electoral process in Ukraine. `We do not consider that we have a right to intrude into electoral process and impose our opinion on Ukrainian voters`, he said. President of Russia also stated that, according to his data, in the course of final votes counting on the Presidential elections in Ukraine, `representatives of oppositionary Yushchenko’s Headquarters signed all the documents, that allowed CEC to make a conclusion of Mr. Yanukovych’s victory`. `I would like to emphasize that electoral law in Ukraine was adopted under direct participation of Ukrainian opposition, moreover, Ukrainian opposition is the main author of Ukrainian electoral legislature`, President of Russian Federation added.