On Wednesday Olexandr Lukyanenko, special correspondent of the Inter TV channel quit his work. Journalist initiative `The truth will win` informs about this on Telekritika web site. Lukyanenko explained his deed with the fact that he was made to host the TV marathon where the representatives of Viktor Yanukovych participated. This marathon was retransmitted by Inter, ‘1+1’ and the First National channels, the news services of which are on strike.
Lukyanenko said in the interview that he was not supporter of Viktor Yushchenko, but he did not support Yanukovych either. ‘My position during these elections is against everyone. But I was let down. I was asked to come to headquarters of Yanukovych to work on the news. Then it grew in to the marathon. And as I found out later, it was retransmitted by 3 channels’.
‘If there is a marathon, it should be hosted by journalists of 3 TV channels. 1+1 journalists refuse to make the news, journalists of the First National Channel are on strike, and Inter is doing the show for everyone. I looked like an idiot. They’ve put me down in front of my colleagues. The decision to leave was emotional but right, I believe’, the journalist said and added that he did not have any further plans yet.