Yesterday night a cargo plane which was carrying Special Forces troops in full fighting gear landed in the Uzhhorod airport.`Staryi Zamok` journalist obtained this information from a source at the airport, ‘Our Ukraine’ press center informs. It is not known where the airplane had come from. It is known, however,about thei ntentions of the troopers to lay siege to the building of the Zacarpathian regional administration and Uzhhorod city council.
Also unidentified young men were attacking people that wearing orange insignia in Uzhhorod last night. Information was provided by the Yushchenko Uzhhorod headquarters. There’s also information provided by the headquarters that the takeover of state and local government institutions by criminal elements with Yushchenko’ insignia had been planned for today.
Moreover, two armed officers of the Mukachevo district MIA department broke into the building of the Mukachevo district council. They insisted that the government had been changed and that an order was given to them to controll the council building. According to the deputy head of the district council Stepan Sikora, several hours after the district council adopted a decision not to accept results of the elections and to fullfill the orders of President viktor Yushchenko only, the press service of Victor Yushchenko’s headquarters in Zacarpathia reports.