Journalists of the `Visti` program, broadcasted at the 1st national TV-channel, went on strike, Yehor Sobolev, `Truth Will Win`, reported. The corresponding Declaration has been signed by 14 journalists, or the majority of the program journalists.

`For one month, by negotiating with the company top management, we attempted at changing the situation around publicizing of the news towards balance and objectivity. Unfortunately, we have not achieved the desired result`, the Declaration, publicized by the journalists, states.

`We consider such news product illegitimate and do not want to be involved in its creation. We want to remind that the National TV-Company is supported from the state budget which is filled in at the expense of the taxes. This is the money not of the Government or institutions; this is money paid to the state budget by all citizens of Ukraine. Why should we, who are the citizens as well, give dishonest and false information, work on the base of `temniks` and thus be responsible for lie? Ukrainian nation, we have overcome the strike since there is even stronger feeling which is shame`, the Declaration states.

The journalists called the presenters and issue editors of the TV company to join them.

Source: Yehor Sobolev, `Truth Will Win`