According to more accurate information that the Central headquarters of Viktor Yushchenko received, today two airplanes with Russian special-purpose units `Vitiaz` landed in the airport `Boryspil`.

Colonel Liashenko, deputy commander of the rear aviation unit, who was instructed to serve those planes, refused to fulfill the order. He sent in his resignation.

Nevertheless, the airplanes landed in `Boryspil`. Russian special-purpose units were taken into Kyiv. At the present moment, their dislocation site is unknown.

Yushchenko`s central headquarters passed this information to Ihor Smieshko, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, to investigate the case and at the same time informed the Security Service of a necessity to take measures to protect life of the colonel Liashenko who is in danger.

In halfhour, head of the military SSU counterspionage confirmed in the telephone conversation that Colonel Liashenko indeed serves in the Boryspil aviation unit and, according to the preliminary information, indeed resigned today. However, the SSU representative denies the fact of landing of two Russian airplanes in Boryspil.

Source: `Our Ukraine` press service