Electoral headquarters of Viktor Yushchenko intends striving for victory of its candidates by all means, in particular, by appealing against the decision of the Central Election Commission through the Supreme Court and later - in the international institutions, Media Center `Candidate`.

`Nobody is giving in`, Yury Kliuchkovsky, MP, told journalists after the results of the Presidential election had been announced. `We have a lot of legal possibilities`, he stated. Besides, `the nation, which always a possibility to struggle against the power usurpation by any mean possible, is not going to give up its right`. `I believe that the nation will do that`, Kliuchkovsky believes. He stressed, `we will act so that we win`.

Commenting upon a possibility of negotiations between the Yushchenko`s supporters and the President, announced by the Central Election Commission, Kliuchkovsky stated that so far he does not see any desire for negotiations; besides, he does not see `what to talk about`. MP Yury Karmazin announced that Yushchenko`s headquarters will be appealing against the CEC decision in the Supreme Court and later in the international institutions.

Source: Media Center `Candidate`