Beginning with Monday, in the Polish capitals actions in support to Ukrainian opposition are taking place dayly, Rostyslav Kramar, professor, Warsaw University, reported to the journalist initiative `Truth Will Win`. Every day more and more people are coming to the rallies and demonstrations organizaed by the Warsaw students and citizents of Ukraine that are living in Ukraine.

Today the rally will be taking place in front of the Polish Parliament, where tomorrow the speciall session will be taking decision regarding the events in Ukraine. The rally participants submitted their appeal to the MPs with a request to take urgent steps to support Ukrainian democracy. The appeal is supported by the representatives of different factions of the Parliament.

The most large-scale action `Kyiv-Warsaw - Common Cause!` is scheduled for Saturday, November 27. In front of the Polish Cabinet of Ministers a rally taking place.

Warsaw is reacting to the events in Ukraine very actively; Ukraine are at the headlines of all newspapers and is in the TV news all the time.

Passers-by greet the rally by approving shouts while the drivers express their support by honking the car horns.

On Monday, the petition with a request not to acknowledge the results announced by the CEC was submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. On the next day a few hundreds of students with Polish and Ukrainian national flags marched from the Warsaw University main building to the Presidential Palace where they submitted to the Presidential Chancellory an appeal to not recognize the results of the falsified elections. The rally participants (according to the police reports, 5 hundred persons in the least) marched the Warsaw central streets, shouting `Kyiv-Warsaw - Common Cause!`, `Yushchenko the President!`, `We Will Not Leave Ukraine!`, to the Ukrainian Embassy where the rally organized by the representatives of different political parties had already started.

Source: Rostyslav Kramar, professor, Warsaw University,
especially for the Journalist Initiatve `Truth Will Win`