The only demand that the headquarters of Yanukovych is making to begin negotiations with the Yushchenko`s network is `preservation of the constitutional order in Ukraine and provision of legal transition of power from Leonid Kuchma to the president, elected by the majority of Ukrainians`, Stepan Havrysh, proxy of Viktor Yanukovych in the Central Election Commission, told Interfax-Ukraine.

The sides also `should give up any ultimatums, should insist not upon the conditions but upon crucial conditions, related to the power distribution in the first place, and should solve the situation through negotiations`, Havrysh also stated. To do so, according to Havrysh, it will be best to establish the workgroup. Havrysh also publicized a request of the headquarters of Yanukovych to invite persons who founded the Ukrainian state to the dialogue and who are trusted by the candidate`s supporters. Among them Havrysh named Yury Kostenko, Hennady Udovenko and asked to give up the services of the `war people`.

Source: Media Center `Candidate`